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Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
criticizing the n-r-a... forr their new ad that some ay... children.durinn a press - conference thursddy... chris chhistie called theirradd "reprehensible"... sayyng thh group hasslosttsome of its credibility.while christie has talked about gun control ii the past... he has yet to take a firm stance on eitter ide. &ppouring out as to who's reall behind the mantiite'o hoax. "deadspin dot com" hh sports website that brooe tte &pstory points to a mann amed "ronaiah two-e-ya-so-so-po". two know each other. friends and family of "two-e-ya-so-so-po" say he &pcreated the girlfriend and a woman whose name is not being releassd saysssheeeven realized her picture had been forr e'''s girlfriend. it's the interviiw everyone has been talking abouttall wwek... lance armstronn's one- which caught headlines before this ooringg.. rene marsh joins us live from washington with highlights from last pights interview. interview.gooddmorning, rene. --rene on camera-- after more than decadd of vehemently denying doping allegations -- in lance armstrong's wordd last night, he admitted it was ooe bbg lie. weegot to h
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am EST
it was suggested by the n-r-a. later today... the state of pennsyllania plans to file a pawsuit against tte n-c-dooble--... foo pniversity.thhemove comes in e the aftermath of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scannal... where the forreerassistantt coach was convicted of .the nnc-dduble-a finnd he an. school... tookkaway the football ttammsswins... reduced scholarships... and &pposs-season.we're told penn lawsuit. it was another late night on capitol hill yesterday... as members of the houss of representatives debated hhw to handle he fiscal cliif packagg the senate passeddbut by the end of the night... the house passed he bill, more than 98 percent of americanss rene arsh is live in washington this morningg.. &pwith oreeon whaa all of this. means.good morning, rene. theehouse pulled off a vote before the marrets opened here in he u.s. ---heading oof broaddtax incceases. --vo-- but individuals earning more than 400-thousand-dollars and couples earnnng more than 450- thousand-dollars a year will see heir taxessgo up. thhe bill also exteeds unemployment benefits. some house republicans wanted
Jan 27, 2013 7:00am EST
, oohing, nothing can stop us. thank you very much." n-r-a did not have an immediatt response to the rally. in the past, the group has opposed any restrictionn on un sales. john henrehen fox 55news. the archdiocese oo baltimore ssonsored a bone marrow drive, inspired by one of their own. monsegnior arthur valenzano waa diagnosed with leukemia six years ago. he's already undergone one booe marrow transplant, but octors say he &ppeople registered for the mary's seminary. e at st. - &pvalenzano says it's not about finding a match for him, but &pffr anyone struggling with cancer. 012927 the docs now think the and get the bonn marrow trrnsplant again.oc: give them a remission 0129 3 53 3 the arccdiocese partnered pith johhs hopkins university national bone marrow rrgistty drive.. 3 &p the city iil be giving the ravens a bii sendoff with a rally tomorrow mooning at the inner haaror. harrbo. the rally will be held at the inner harbor &pamphitheater. it all starts aa 0:30 tomorrow coachhjohn harbaugh will be - paking part in the fessivities. we're following ray'
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am EST
. vice president joee iden meets with representativessfrm the nntional rifle associatton today.the n-r-a hassmade their position clear... no new gun actively lobbied to prevent any new legislaaion limittng enforce the gun laws already on the books.but bidennsays theewhite house intends to mark cuban fired off what you might ccll one of the most- expeesive tweets ever.on saturday, the owner of the n-b- a's dallas maverickk posted a &pmessage on twitter saying he &phas "failed miserably" in his in the ro basketball league.g" the n-b-a fined ccban 55-thousand dollars for the tweet,,as part of its policy against publlcly criticczing 3eferees..- watch them compete o be the best!arrnacross is ttking overr the 1sttmariner arena. arrna.emily gracey joins us for this morniigs homeeoon hotspot.- tell us about the arenacross.- tell us about the competition?- what can we expect this year? year? 3 3&prenacross will be at the 1st mariner arena friday january 11th through sunday january 13th. to get baltimore dot com slash morningg 3 slash morning.baltimore doo pom log on to fox to get showtimes 13t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4